Watch Repair Procedure

• All watches are examined and repaired in the order in which they are received.

• As soon as the problem is isolated, we will call you with a full explanation and estimate before the repairs are even started.

• At that time you can either approve or decline the work to be done.

• If declined please allow 7-10 days for pickup with no extra charge to you.

• If approved, according to the availability of parts, we will process your repair in a "timely" fashion. Allow approximately 3-8 weeks.

• We will contact you as soon as your piece is ready for pickup

• Please be advised that complications with part availability and backorders are not uncommon.

Battery Replacement Procedure

• Watch is carefully opened, battery is identified and replaced.

• Case is then sealed to manufacturers specifications.

• Whether or not the battery was the problem, there will be a $10-$25 charge, depending on the type of watch and battery.

• Batteries can't be tested prior to opening.

General Watch Care

• Avoid drastic temperature changes

• Avoid dampness, humidity and perspiration

• Wipe face of time piece with soft cloth after every wear

• When quarts watches are not in use, pull out crown

• Stone in dry consistent temperature

"If You Don't Have a Good Watch...You Can't Have a Good Time!"

All Work Guaranteed for 1 Year Under Normal Wear


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