Special orders are truly special!

We take your ideas, your visions and make them come to life. There is nothing like giving someone a special gift that you helped design. Below is the process we use to create your special order. Now you can see and understand how your ideas become reality.

Step 1: Concept- This is the first stage of any design. This is where all the thought and inspiration is applied. Unlock your imagination! The sky's the limit! Then leave the rest up to us and our master craftsmen and artists.

Step 2: Sketch- This is the stage where all thoughts are put to paper in 2-D. Sketch done by artist.

Step 3: Model- Then a wax model of the piece is created. Each model is an actual artists sculpture in 3-D. (Depending on the design) Sculptures are created with wax or precious metals.

Step 4: Casting- The casting process is when the wax sculpture is formed into metal. The wax model is submerged in cement. Once it hardens it's then placed in an oven until the wax melts away. The precious metal is liquefied then injected into the hollow impression.

Step 5: Jewelry Work from Shaping-Row casting then goes to a Goldsmith to be filed, shaped, assembled , and cleaned of any casting skin still left on the piece. The Goldsmith then defines the model's line and prepares the piece for finishing. He then adds clasps and locks if needed.

Step 6: Setting-The setting process is actually setting the stones into place. To secure a gem into jewelry, the stone setter must create a precise seat, then secure the stone very carefully with the precious metal. Pave, channel, bezel, prong, burnish, etc.

Step 7: Polishing-The final step is the polishing. This is the process that brings the piece to life. Polishing brings out the piece's beautiful luster.

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